The EDPB presents the first 9 months of the EDPB and GDPR to the EU Parliament

642 procedures have been initiated to identify the Lead SA and the Concerned SAs in cross-border cases / 45 One-Stop-Shop procedures were initiated by SAs from 14 different EEA countries/ The total number of cases reported by SAs from 31 EEA countries is 206.326/ SAs from 11 EEA countries have already imposed administrative fines according to Article 58.2(i) GDPR. The total amount of the imposed fine is 55.955.871 EUR/ To read more: Click here

SMEs under attack as cyber-thieves target payment data

A technique known as “form-jacking” was discovered to be affecting up to 4,800 unique websites every month by security firm, Symantec, with BA and Ticketmaster among the high-profile organisations coming under attack. To read more: Click here

What happened to the one-stop-shop?

The CNIL's decision on Google has opened the door to a restrictive interpretation of the one-stop-shop principle which requires Non-EU based controllers to have "their place of central administration" in the EU. Doesn't this undermine the whole purpose of the one-stop-shop? To read more: Click here

Feds share watchlist with 1,400 private groups

The federal government has acknowledged that it shares its terrorist watchlist with more than 1,400 private entities, including hospitals and universities, prompting concerns from civil libertarians that those mistakenly placed on the list could face a wide variety of hassles in their daily lives. To read more: Click here

Human Beings are the Weakest Link in the Data Protection Process

"A study conducted showed that 78 percent think that endpoint security is more due to negligence among employees and that the average organization experiences 9.3 insider threats per month. The study also showed that 90 percent organizations faced at least one insider threat per month". To read more: click here